large hydro getting closer – Hafod y Llan 650kw hydro

How the Hafod y Llan hydro on Snowdon fits into the landscape. Click on the photo for a better look

Last week the 650kw Hafod y Llan hydro passed another of its milestones. After much discussions, consultations and adjustments we now have our abstraction licence in place. What this means is that we now have an agreement with the Environment Agency and the other statutory bodies involved on the volume of water we can take out of the river and how much to leave  in the river to maintain ecological and aesthetic aspects. Roughly speaking the hydro has 450 litres a second to work with. This licence then triggers the planning permission to be registered and processed. We are still aiming to start on the work roughly at the end of summer.

Wyn the farm administrator  and John Millen the Project Manager are also venturing into the murky world of Blogging. (turn back before it’s too late!). a new page has been created  on this blog to run a photo diary as the hydro develops.

Heavy rain tomorrow.  Anafon 500kw community hydro beckons tomorrow. Taking the property team and consultants up on to the mountain so that we can start to capacity plan and understand the many and varied challenges over and above simply building it.

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