Update on the old hydro we have

Another OG Jones Porthmadoc turbine in place. @Martin Pritchard

as mentioned earlier in the week i am on the trail of the background and also detailed understating of the old OG Jones of Porthmadog pelton we have at Hafod y Llan farm.(old but never used)  things have been ‘a movin’ I was contacted by Stephen Pritchard who sent quite bit of information including the fact that it looks like this hydros twin is only a few miles down the road and still in place. Plus this one has a really interesting and metallic link a German U-boat (click on the image to follow the link) The fact i really like is that OG jones son is alive and living in Porthmadog (91 years young). This is a must meet for me. I have also found out that a person from the National Museum of Wales is currently compiling information on all of the Porthmadog foundries which must include OG Jones. Lastly I have followed up with a request to the National Library of Wales to see if they hold anything on OG Jones and my other local hero Richard Edwards of Llanuwchlyn and his few hundred Snowdonia hydros. This is proper treasure hunting. Heritage we can use today. Thanks also to Nick Mills …he has refurbished 1933 Gilkes running nice and strong. all from a simple advert in the Cambrian News. we have a lot to learn from the mend and make do side of life. Which is what I hope we can do with our OG Jones

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