old hydros…i wonder if we can re-use?

Attended a meeting at Hafod y Llan in Snowdonia on Fri. The meeting was to discuss a possible research project. Micro anaerobic digester and feeding it with rushes and bracken. What was novel about this proposal was that we would screw press the feedstock and use the resulting liqueur in the AD and pellets the rest of the feedstock for use in a gasification biomass plant. This is all part of an intereg european research project. A mobile plant has been developed its now needs field test and looking at the replicability . More on this later

Porthmadog where it was develop is about 7 miles away. seen a few of their water wheels in the area

having now been living and breathing old hydros for a few days in the Ashden conference and award ceremony its has got me thinking about an old hydro we have on the farm. Old refers to its age and not its conditions since this 1930’s hydro has never in fact been used. it was bought for the farm and then the grid was extended down the valley. no more farm hydro. It has been languishing in the farm for a fair old-time. from the images i took with the phone it looks in fairly good condition.  it even turns quite nicely. no spear valve though but the runner looks fine. We will ask a specialist in refurb to have a look and see if we can reuse on the farm… more on this later

they look fine and just need some TLC

oil filler on the old turbine. shaft turned sweetly – lets see

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6 Responses to old hydros…i wonder if we can re-use?

  1. Martin Pritchard says:

    Intersting to note that I have just come across one in fferm Fron Oleu Prenteg, the son of O.G. Jones is still alive in Porthmadog aged 91

    The valve from the U boat which opens the water to the turbine

    Martin Pritchard Porthmadog

    • Keith Jones says:

      Thanks for this. Fascinating link. Turbine casing looks the same from your pictures. Do you have the contact details for Dinas Olau? Would like to have look to see if it’s the same turbine. Looks like the same kind of pelton. The spear valve is missing from ours and it would be good to compare and learn from. There is also a water wheel above Nantmor at Gelli Iago farm and this is another by O.G. Jones.Hwyl a diolch keith

    • Martin Pritchard says:

      Been to Hafod y Llan to see the turbine.. it seems to be in good nick, hope you boys can get it going !!
      OG Jones Turbine Hafod y Llan

  2. Nick Mills says:

    My Gilkes turgo turbine is still running and powering my farmhouse near Machynlleth. It was built in 1933 and was used near Aberystwyth until the 70’s when it fell into disrepair. An advert in the Cambrian News looking for a water turbine secured it, complete with spear valve, main intake valve etc for £150 (in 1984!) and it has been serving me faultlessly since then.
    Modern multijet Pelton wheels are more efficient, but there is plenty of power most of the time (3kW continuous) so the additional cost of upgrading doesn’t seem worthwhile.

    • Keith Jones says:

      fantastic story. i am starting to map old and curret hydros. is it possible for you to send me an image of the install as well as a location. also the location of where it came from?
      In terms of refurbishment. you probably know that a refurbed machine with an MCS certificate would be eligible for FIT as long as your not claiming ROC’s.(just as an aside) 1933 was a fine year for Gilkes and have seen a few of these in fine fettle. (not sure if you’ve seen the Ellergreen visit blog i did on refurbed Gilkes) all the best and thanks so much for the info. I am very sad when it comes to these stunning machines

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