Community Hydro – Anafon progress

Blogs have been slowing down a bit in the last few weeks. Might be the fact that we are in the planning phases of a lot of projects or that the weather is stunning and I’m out a lot.

The bridge near the village of Aber. Last Fri. Oh i do suffer!

The Anafon community hydro is progressing well. we should find out in the next week or so if we have won one of the Cooperative Community energy challenge places. we have reached the final 10. The challenge is a mentoring, support, financing and ultimately funding route for large community renewables. Its been a bit of a slog to get us to the final list. well you don’t get this level of support because its nice to do. we had to prove the viability of the project and of the group. Cross fingers

We also have the tender documentation now ready. The tender is for the full feasibility including all of the archaeological, ecological, build ability element of the hydro. The tender is being help back at the moment until we find out from the Cooperative. Once the tenders are returned we will also be bidding for the Welsh Governments Community energy funding (Ynni’r Fro) to assist the detailed feasibility.

As well as the community work on this hydro I have been working with our Lawyers to look at the legal structures required (Good boundaries make good neighbours) this really is pushing the boundaries for the National Trust in terms of partnering and joint venture and will take a bit more head scratching. Its good sometimes being involved in pioneering projects but you also have to work a lot of stuff out. The basic elements can sometimes be the most difficult

Upper reaches of the catchment. This is where the National Trust comes in. The community hydro is an example of ‘working beyond our boundaries’ Its also a really nice project! (Aber waterfall in the background)

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