LED – It is official. I am obsessed with candle bulbs!

For those of you following our ongoing quest to develop the perfect conservation grade LED lightbulbs I can now confirm that I am addicted to candle bulbs. I make no apologies for this as both Keith, myself and Iain at Heritage Lighting want to make sure that every possible requirement at our properties can be catered for.

We possess  a plethora of light fitments from chandeliers, wall lights and simple bedside lamps all within different settings. We need to ensure that a solution exists for every eventuality. With this at the forefront of our minds the development and range of options continues to grow –

Different base colours can now be chosen = Brass, black, matt silver and chrome effect.

Bases themselves can be – BC / SBC / ES / SES / CES / MES

We also took onboard feedback from properties and have ensured that SES “Screwfit” bases are not only glued in place, but strengthened even further by incorporating screw fixings, as well as options for greater chamfer at the base to get to those “hard to reach” connections.

Lighting output is also developing apace, offering solutions ranging from 1.5 watt to 12 watts. We have dimmable options, clear or opaque glass, and colour temperature of 2700K (warm white) and 2400K (extra warm white).

As we incorporate more LED solutions across our properties we will no doubt develop more options and solutions to our specific needs.

As I said right at the start I think it is now turning into an obsession. No doubt Mrs Southall will provide me with feedback shortly!

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3 Responses to LED – It is official. I am obsessed with candle bulbs!

  1. Never mind Paul – you might find some comfort in this video:

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