Gower Biomass – quart into a pint pot

Faultless system – another biomass image Alun!

Been away for most of the week down in South Wales. Planning and discussing with colleagues. Paul and I visited the Neath Swansea and Port Talbot base at South Pillton Green in Gower. I was interested to see how the new districting heating biomass was behaving. The 35kw Froling boiler was snug in it containerised system and has been faultless…but

South Pillton Green – Holiday cottage and property base

As of last week the container which houses the biomass system is a bit of an odd shape. This is the result of a bit of ‘lack of engaging brain’ and Sian the the lead ranger is having to sort it out.   The odd shape has come about by a fuel delivery driver over filling the pellet store to a point where the container has warped a mite (a lot) walls and roof look like somebody has let off a stick of dynamite in the container. The boiler and the pellet feed system seem ok. But of course we can’t get into the fuel store since it is a tad full or over full of fuel. Sian  at the site is working through the cause with suppliers and delivery company (don’t envy her!). But best laid plans and all that… lets see what the damage is after the boiler has gone through the fuel and we can access the store. I’m glad this was a vacuum feed system and not auger fed from the store. With the damage you can see on the outside I’m sure there would have been a lot of pressure on any mechanical bits inside.

Warped side of the container – biomass and pellet store inside. Cause – yet to be determined fully (could be fuel pipe, human error, mechanical failure e.g. on the lorry)

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