PV generation – Can’t beat a bit of rain!

Just over two months have passed since the photovoltaic panels were commissioned across wales. Keith and I have been working closely with property staff and prescient power to check that performance is in-line with our expectations.

Computer software calculations of expected generation are all very well, but what happens in reality – March was a fantastic clear and sunny month, but as we all know April was a bit wet to say the least.

Based on the results we have been getting though I can only think that the rain has seems to have done a really good job of keeping the panels clean.

Penrhyn castle – 5 percent above expected.

Dinefwr – 15 percent above expected.

Cwrt – a fantastic 34 percent above expected.

Cwrt system is not currently operating at full capacity as we have one string of panels and an inverter off line until the district network operator has carried out some upgrade works.

Plas Newydd is slightly down on expected generation, but the software model does not take into account the decision made to run a 740 metre cable from the PV location to the mansion. There are invariably voltage “line losses” by doing this.

The long cable run allows us to send the power directly to where it is needed, and therefore saves the property importing power at a higher cost. So in practice financially we get “more bang for our bucks” by using all of the power on site.

There are still some inverter issues at Powis castle system, but prescient power has been brilliant in working through solutions to this with the inverter manufacturers. We are nearly there!

Overall, the fantastic March weather has ensured that across Wales the overall generation is 6% above anticipated.

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2 Responses to PV generation – Can’t beat a bit of rain!

  1. I was admiring the panels when I saw them at Penrhyn recently. Interesting to the chart of their output!

    • Keith Jones says:

      Thanks – we have 8 of this scale across Wales. lets see by the end of the summer. Penrhyn still has a case of shading at the bottom of the hill. we have a bit of ground pruning to do to a few of the trees.

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