Childs play – water heater trial

Tryfan - trainee environmental advisor showing off the latest in simple energy-efficient water heaters

We were given a new instantaneous water heater to play with, I mean carefully evaluate today. If it does what it states on the box then we can see some serious energy savings coming from this point of use water heaters (the electric water heaters found under and near sinks) we have hundreds of them across Wales.

The advantage of this new kind of heater is that it does not have to store any hot water in it and only heats the water when you need it. No parasitic load (a kind of ‘stand by’ mode which uses energy all of the time) It switches on and off by the simple opening of a tap. The thermostat is an electronic type which only heats when asked.

It heats the water instantaneously by heating a bare wire coil wire that the water passes over. (it is also supposed to flex when heating to deal with scale) We now need to choose a site we can monitor and gain a good base line before going for the evaluation (play)

the most efficient water heater system is the system which is off when you don’t need it. we could get into heat pumps and so on but we must be pragmatic. Would rather gain 40% saving in hundreds of places rather than 90% in a few places. But we are aiming at 80% everywhere but this will come in time

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