Energy use and knowing where your starting from – National Trust holiday cottages

2009 energy baseline year - management unit comparisons

This is follow on from previous blog on the work of Tom Eagle (follow toms blog) who is the volunteer reviewing all of the NT Holiday cottages. Looking environmental improvements with a specific focus on energy. His reviews from North West Wales are coming in thick and fast – simply measuring all of the windows for secondary glazing, checking bulb fittings, boiler settings, attic images for access and whats in there. this will help immensely in us building the environmental and business case

In terms of the planning;  as they say before you start on a journey you need to know where your starting from? This will allow you to  target your improvements (biggest bangs per buck)

As a management unit the holiday cottages represent the single highest energy use unit and we are now focusing on them. Plas Newydd may be the largest mansion using energy but the holiday cottages together use more. We have tackled many of the highest energy use cottages but this was more of a pilot with controls and replacing night-storage heaters.  its now a more all encompassing and broader piece of work

To enable us to target, persuade and prioritise never underestimate the power of a graph (or is that because i have no life!)

Holiday cottage energy use - site by site. spot the big user!

Based on the above graph there is no doubt which cottages you would prioritise but we needed a better understanding  or more of a bench mark. Ideally this would have been an energy use per square meter floor area to understand what uses the most but until Mr Eagle we did not have the capacity to do this. Therefore we approached it in a more pragmatic way and used Kwh per kip. Or how much energy is used per occupant. simple look at the brochure told us how many beds and this was correlated against energy use

Kwh per bed - smallest used the most. Smallest also had night storage heaters

what this showed that the smallest and normally electrically heated (night storage heaters) where the places to target. (See previous blog on controls) based on the detail which Tom will be providing we can now build a robust case for investment. The above though simply came from reading a meter, bills and a brochure. (no need for expensive consultants for the initial phase). It does though dismay me when we still see social housing organisations installing night storage heaters in houses for people who can ill afford the energy bill. This is normally based on very short-term capital cost considerations… but that’s another blog

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