Society, Energy and the National Trust – Jonathon Porritt / John Vidal #fit4future

The fantastic media team at CAT have now published the podcasts of National Trust the Fit for the future (#fit4future) conference last month. The podcasts are of the presentations by John Vidal and Jonathon Porritt

Both of the presenters focused on the opportunity for the National Trust to make a difference in the field of energy equity and sustainable power. I was feeling very pleased with the way the conference had gone and the work we have achieved in the last few years around energy. But following the powerful and thought-provoking presentations it was obvious that the achievements to date are  mere faltering baby steps on a 1000 mile journey.   Both Jonathan on John highlighted the fact that the world is in such a precarious place and the National Trust has an opportunity and in fact an obligation to use its muscle to enable, provoke and to start shifting perceptions by showing and doing. Community energy needs to become the norm and not the niche (look to Germany with its 40% community renewables) now that’s sustainable power.

National Trust Fit for the Future conference

In the last week we have been working with the Abergwyngregyn Community on the 500kw hydro joint venture (see previous blogs). Thursday saw the submission of the next application for the Cooperative community energy challenge bid (the project was shortlisted a month ago) but even this £1.5m Hydro undertaking needs to be multiplied a thousand fold if we are to even start making head way in terms of community energy,  resource equity and sharing the divided. Only then can we start seeing true sustainable energy. Multi Gw wind installations off the N Wales coast will result in lowering carbon emissions but for the local population they might as well be on Mars for the difference they will make in supporting sustainable communities.

click on the screen shots below to access the podcasts

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