Glan Faenol Near Bangor – world tour of another sustainable gem

Surprise around every corner - Bluebell growing out of an Ash stump along the woodland walk

The audit team (daughter) and i were out again to have a nose around a Trust property but also to see how a specific project is progressing. Hidden behind the modern industrial estate of Parc Meani near Bangor lies the little known NT property of Glan Faenol.  Beca and I were out for a mooch (promised we would have a look for some dens) I was there to see how the new woodland work base was progressing. Last time I was here it cost me a new engine (a slate slit the sump of my car) but I still remember seeing John Whitley’s vision in wood which was the new  work base which he has modeled and was aiming to hew out of the forest. 18 months on and the hewing is showing dividends.

John and the volunteers have been using the NT's Mobile 'Lucas Mill' to convert conifers into construction timber. Don't think we could get more local if we tried.

The Glan Faenol property has an excellent circular footpath and i had a slight moment of revelation  today on the walk around the site. I was smelling the bluebells and wild garlic in the ash woods but also hearing the Oyster catchers and lapping of the sea a few feet away. Makes the site fairly unique and special

This building could not get more hand-made if it tried. The draw horses in the foreground the building emerging out of the wood in the background

The last time I was here I saw a 2ft model of the building. The teams intention is to build a low impact, off grid building. This aim is now being delivered. Composting toilet, log stove and solar PV and the services will be sorted.

who need nails. one of the many self built structures around the site

Like me Richard Neale is one of lifes nosey-parkers.  And with his job of raising awareness of the coast his blog inspired me to have a closer look at the closest NT property to my house! (sometimes things can be too close)

Beca my daughter in the wooden wonder. The 2ft model i saw 18 months ago has grown a tad!

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8 Responses to Glan Faenol Near Bangor – world tour of another sustainable gem

  1. This is indeed a thing of beauty. Thanks for the inspiring blog Keith.

    • Keith Jones says:

      Thanks for this. I work for the NT and i keep finding these little treasures for myself. Think it’s a mater of taking time in this fast accelerating world. Something we all should do and I seldom do

  2. Glad you enjoyed your visit as much as I did! Thanks for the link!

  3. Wonderful structure. Is it going to be a house?

    • Keith Jones says:

      its the new work base for the team who work at Glan Faenol. it was a case of what do we need and then matching that with what can we supply from the wood. One dictated the other

  4. Diana says:

    I took my 2 granchildren to Glan Faenol on Saturday. As we entered the top the field where the bird hides are, a man with a shot gun (yes a shot gun) asked where we were going. He then used his walkie talkie to let at least 4 other men with guns know that we were going down the field. Apparently they were after foxes. It was 2 0’clock in the afternoon. This was a most unpleasant experience, and really did spoil the day.

    • Keith Jones says:

      Have you had a reply from the property? I spoke to the a General Manager who was following this up. So sorry your day out was spoilt. Go again as it’s a special place!

    • Keith Jones says:

      in responce from the General Manager

      Thank you for contacting me regarding an incident at the end of March where you encountered a number of men at Glan Faenol with shotguns apparently flushing out foxes.

      I have now had an opportunity to look into this matter in more detail, and have found out that the group in question were being led by the gamekeeper of the neighbouring estate, and they had mistakenly strayed onto National Trust property.

      I can assure you that this group were not acting with our permission or knowledge, and that we have now spoken to the gamekeeper concerned who has assured us that this will not happen again. I will also be following this up with the owners of the neighbouring estate in due course, to reiterate that Glan Faenol is open to the public, and to emphasise the upset this has caused.

      Therefore can I please take this opportunity to apologise to you, and hope that you will come back to the Faenol soon, safe in the knowledge that this incident ought not happen again.

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