Whats a blog worth – sharing or ego? #fit4future

Word Cloud courtesy of Richard Williams. this word cloud shows what we have been covering in the blogs. Makes for interesting reading!

Its been just over 12 months since the we started this blog. Good time to reflect on its effectiveness in sharing.

some simple statistics

  • 135 blogs –
  • 100hrs+ pa in time  – half hour per blog and answering comments and feedback
  • 225 people signed up (word press, tracking through the blog or twitter)
  • 13,000 people have viewed the blogs (10,000 in the last three and a bit months) signed up people don’t count

tracking the take up of the blog. looks like April's is on the way to 3500 views. does not count the people signed up either

the purpose of the blog was to share as we learnt, gain feed back and comments and to deal with the . ‘could you forward me the info on…’? and the answer both Paul and i use now is ‘its on the blog’ the last aspect has been invaluable in saving time and having a resource for all to access. Going forward Paul and i are working on growing the blog. we are currently working on integrating the property by property carbon map, energy use and generation meters on the blog (over all – and + for NT Wales) project mapping (better google map with every project on the map) and better links to similar blogs

the aspect i find fascinating is what people are interested in and where they are accessing the blog from. I had to check where Surinam was and as for a person from Vladivostok wanting to know what the NT in Wales are doing shows the power and simplicity of the Web

screen shot of the blog dashboard showing where people were accessing the blog from. Power of the Internet writ large as you would say

and what do people want to know? well i suppose it depends on what we put in to the blog. the one area which has stood out for us is the number of people who have looked at the pellet range cooker and large ceramic stove. think there is a niche here waiting to be filled

a list of the popular stuff searched on in the last year

as for the title of the blog ‘sharing or ego’ i suppose it’s always a bit of both but the main thrust has been around sharing. Getting people to learn from our mistakes and lessons. the last three months has shown the blog becoming more popular but also we are now slaves to sharing. once it has started it’s not a mater of stop go but like all things in life – maintain and look after what you have. Lets see what the next 12 months brings?

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