Fit for the future conference – what next? #fit4future

Arwyn and yours sincerely freezing while Alun did the David Bailey. Yes Arwyn’s hands were that colour and not Photoshoped. Thanks to Keith Zealand for the image. we decided to turn back at this point as it was getting a bit arctic and we had a fair distance to go

Thank you all for the positive feedback on the conference and looks like we got something right in terms of tone and content. What we did miss in the conference was quite a few people from the ‘coal face’ as it were and it was interesting to hear and be invited to a few more being thought up for other areas in the National Trust.

Thanks to Malcolm for acting as official photographer – and yes Malcolm i think you will find your lens was significantly bigger than mine.

In the next few days i will be uploading all of the presentations to the conference web page hosted on this blog. will let you know when?

Photo diary of the event. click on the image to go through to the images. The Camera does put 15kg on you i noticed and not sure what it did to Paul! Thanks Malcolm

The challenges set down by both John Vidal and Jonathon Porritt have got the old grey cells thinking. Paul and i and the team in Wales thinking on how to deliver on the potential. It is now a time to take stock and see where ‘fit for the future’ can both continue to develop on its programme of work within the National Trust but also how the NT can assist others through sharing and enabling.  this space as ever should be watched!

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One Response to Fit for the future conference – what next? #fit4future

  1. Paul Southall says:

    It made me look 64 and removed all of the bones from my face – thanks Malcolm. Also, who stole my hair?

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