Fit for the future conference. Kick up the pants by Jonathon Porritt #fit4future

almost 200 people attending the fit for the future conference

A day has now passed since the Fit for the future conference finished. Time to think. the focus of the conference was to look at ‘stuff’ on the go and being developed in the world of  energy generation and renewables. I am not personally a big fan of navel gazing and am in the school of doing and learning. But the last day of the of the conference was to look to the hills and see whats coming.

Patrick Begg’s scene setter on the development of the National Trust from its founders drive for equity and access to environmental goods. Rob Jarman highlighting common sense. (as its been highlighted by others – common sense is not that common!)  John Vidal’s chat later on the National Trust unique position and opportunities. The other fact highlighted was that ministers often sit up when we come out to say something is important. This was later followed by Jonathon Porritt highlighting  the inevitability of using the earths resources and the need to plan and do. He also highlighted the unique opportunity the NT had to make a significant difference with community energy and the links to our founders beliefs

i was up this route in shorts the week before! 50 delegates from the conference looking at the potential Snowdon hydro

All in all a thought-provoking few days. From passionate presentations to squally snow blasts on the flanks of Snowdon. Sublime to the…  Lets now get back to doing but i have a feeling that planning and raising our eyes from the day job will now count as doing stuff.

‘If you wish to ‘do’ tomorrow, you have to start today’

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