Plas Newydd possibility and marine renewables conference. Oh and how to fly a 6 tonne kite…underwater!?

yesterday was a really thought-provoking day. I attended the Seacams ‘power of the sea conference in Bangor. Looking at the whole aspect of marine renewables. yes we did discuss the aspect of offshore wind. big and small but this is also a burgeoning sector in terms of technology development.

Delta stream turbines - simplicity and robustness being the key

Bill Langley from RWE made quite a comprehensive presentation on the development work of RWE and its partners on a whole host of developments ranging from the Delta stream tidal turbine proposition for the Ramsey sound to the 10MW SeaGen proposition proposal for the N Anglesey coast. the main driver for these demonstration sites is the Gov 5 x Renewable obligation certificate offering if they are  commissioned by 2015. Which is a really good incentive!

Seagen turbines proposition for N Anglesey

I was also presenting on the work we have on the go at Plas Newydd with the school of oceanographic sciences in Bangor on the marine source heat pump. (I was over there earlier today in this stunning weather…damn this job!).  Andy Hadley and students from Bournemouth University also came up to attend the conference and to have a chat with me on the lessons learnt aspect of our heat pump research. They too are looking at Pool harbour as well for a heat pump. Welsh saying – ‘dim byd newydd o dan yr haul’ (google translate if you want to know! – the Welsh lessons continue. )

the highlight of the morning for me was Charlotta Ekman presentation on his company Minesto’s development of a 6 tonne under sea kite turbine which maximizes the energy available. They have recently tested it in Strangford and it seems to fly!

Interesting proposition - lots and lots of ifs and buts. Marine mammals and this energy generation proposition sharing the same bit of the sea being one of those problems. The same thinking which got us into this energy and carbon problem probably won't get us out of it!

to quote their website – “The tidal energy device developed by Minesto, named Deep Green, converts energy from tidal stream flows into electricity by way of a novel principle, somewhat similar to the posture of a wind kite. The kite assembly, consisting of a wing and turbine, is attached by a tether to a fixed point on the ocean bed. As water flows over the hydrodynamic wind, a lift force is generated which allows the device to move smoothly through the water and for the turbine to rotate hence generating electricity”

really enjoyed the sessions and got you thinking which i suppose was the purpose. now back to our little project.

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