Carneddau Mountains – Anafon Community Hydro and an apology

on the way up towards the reservoir up the Anafon valley with the river on the right. On the way passing wild ponies and a startled peregrine falcon

today was one of those days when you think ‘and i get paid to do this’! (the apology is because i feel guilty) This morning was spent on a hydro report and some aspects of business development. This afternoon i was out with Dewi Roberts and Iolo NT Rangers for the Carneddau and Glyderau on a catchup. Dewi is hosting a property team building event tomorrow (gorse clearance around a Scheduled ancient monument) in the Anafon valley. he told me there are over 1000 archaeological features in the valley which makes it pretty special. My excuse for the visit was to capture some images of the valley and as a catch up on the hydro especially since this joint venture with the community of Abergwyngregyn has been shortlisted for the Cooperative Community Energy Challenge and with luck and a fair wind the project might receive some serious hand holding to get us all to a viable offering.

The proposition as highlighted in previous blogs is to develop a community company partnership to install a 500kw hydro down the Anafon valley. The dividend from the undertaking will be shared between the community and the conservation work in the Carneddau massif and community sustainable development. Early days but the technical pre feasibility looks very promising and we are about to launch into an all singing and dancing feasibility (archaeology, ecology, landscape impact, fish, access, geomorphology and so on) But this was a really nice day and the images don’t do justice to the location and the weather. If and when we do something the work will have to be sensitive, appropriate and exemplary. the other strength of this project is the community cafe in the village at the end of the valley – I was beaten by the chocolate brownie (a heart attack on a plate… but I will return for another go!) Caffi yr Hen Felin (the old mill cafe)

What the heck. i was having difficulty persuading myself this was work! and what did you do today?

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