Wow what a day on the Llyn – world eco tour of the Llyn Pennisular

few days into spring, the sun was out with a vengeance and where better to spend my day off but with mini me touring the Llyn and building the odd sand castle on some of the best beaches in the UK. Oh and popping in to see the progress of a whole battery of environmental projects across the Llyn

First stop was Cwrt at the far end of the peninsula near the village of Aberdaron. This is the site of the recently installed 41kw PV array on the farm building. the system will be powering a whole host of businesses and operations.

Cwrt 360 image – crab and lobster processing plant, wardens base and phase 3 buildings to be completed as office units. Grade 2 listed buildings adapted for reuse

The Cwrt Power Station – 41kw polycrystalline PV with an anodised frame

next stop was the Henfaes car park in the middle of Aberdaron. Soon to be the site of a new state of the art National Trust visitor centre. One of the challenges for this building is that it can’t add to our energy use base line. It must simply produce all of the energy it needs and in an ideal work should be a net exporter. this is a work in progress and an exciting one at that. In Aberdaron advisor No2 insisted we had some beach time and 10 sand castles and a bit of lazing around we were off

Next stop was Rhiw Mountain specifically the area above Plas yn Rhiw the National Trust hidden jewel on the Llyn. as i have blogged before the National Trust under the auspices of the heritage lottery Llyn Landscape partnership is restoring two traditional listed Llyn cottages. One as C19 and the other as C21. We walked down the very narrow lane to the first cottage and the work on the cottage is going great guns. They have stripped the cottage back, removed all of the Portland cement render and pointing (replacing with lime based render to allow the building to breathe) the electricians were in on the first fix and it looked like the inside was battened out to receive the insulation envelope. This was all well and good but the view over Hells Mouth today was breathtaking (over used word but I think it applies to this view?)

work going great guns on the cottage

C’mon I think this would qualify for a view. Who would not want to be the volunteer who stays in this cottage and waking up to this every morning! The superstar in the foreground is Tryfan my advisor

My advisor informed me that we had to stop in Criccieth for the famous Cadwalders ice cream and i duly obliged. The final stop was at Ynysgain Fawr farm near Criccieth to meet John the tenant and see how far the new 10kw PV system had come along

10kw system looking quite small on the cattle shed. If we had better grid it would have been a 50kw system

Although we have planning permission for a 50kw system the current state of the grid means that we can’t install more than 10kw. To bring three-phase supply to the farm we were told it would be £75k which would have meant good grid but no PV. We are looking into alternatives as this is such a good energy site. The farm is also one of the three pilots for tenant electricity supply through a small private wire arrangement. More work required here but it was good to see the PV up and running

overall a really good day. weather and views were spectacular on the Llyn. my mini advisor was happy with the sand castles and ice cream and i was happy to see all the work progressing well in Llyn. One thing which shows things are going the right way is when technology and approaches like this are ‘normal and not niche’ in the National Trust

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