Dinefwr Home farm 50kw PV mixed with some Gooses Arse!

Dinefwr Home farm 50kw wood chip biomass. Chip comes from the nearby Dolaucothi Estate

The 5th in our Mansion 50kw PV power stations is Dinefwr near Llandeilo in S Wales. 12th C Castle, Newton House mansion, Capability Brown Landscape, Park White Cattle this site has it all. The best location for the PV is quite a distance from the house and actually supplies the Dinefwr home farm complex. The PV adds to the existing 50kw Froling wood chip biomass district heating system making this site almost energy self-sufficient in simple energy budget terms (how much does it use in total vs how much it generates in total)

One of the 4 arrays at Dinefwr home farm. Pictures thanks to a very muddy Stephen Batsford. The Green Team salutes you!

The PV system feeds the National Trust conservation base, large holiday cottage and the state of the art traditional skills training centre run through the ‘Tywi yr afon yr oesoedd’ Heritage Lottery Landscape project. The system is located in a field next to the new Llandeilo community allotments in the park and are soon to be surrounded (but in the right place to avoid shading) a community orchard which i found will also include the famous ‘Gooses Arse’ apple variety!

PV system as seen from the home farm side over the community allotments

what marks this PV as being different not only is the aforementioned Gooses rear but also the 6ft fence which surrounds the system to keep the parkland deer out. Not sure what damage deer can do. But I know that one farmer in Germany found to his very expensive cost that goats and PV wiring don’t mix well.

Overall i would say that this system is the starkest in terms of needing a bit of softening into the landscape. We have planted a 10ft thick thicket between the PV’s and the main road and the new orchard will also work wonders. Aesthetically it does not impact the sites significance at all and in terms of energy generation it adds significantly to the story of the home farm.


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