Ecobuild 2012 – what we saw and took our fancy!

Ecobuild 2012 - the Tue. quieter than I have seen before

I have been going to ecobuild for quite a few years now and this is the fist year for a while where i have not been presenting which gave me more time for a look-see. Like everything in this world it seem to get bigger every year. I was there on the Tue and it did seem awfully quiet but that may juts be the Tue. paul and i accompanied by Tom eagle a recent volunteer recruit to the team in Wales spent the day mooching around. looking for a few specific things (energy monitoring systems, low-cost biomass, on tank heat pumps) but also on the look out for the quirky and new

it was great to see big flash kit in the form of PV, biomass and wind. The show is the ‘toys are us’ for the environmentalist. few things really did take my eye. one being a simple and seemed a low-cost instantaneous water heater. this would be an idea replacement for the under counter electrical water heaters we have which heat water every few minutes and store it in a small tank. constant parasitic load and heat loss means that these things can cost quite a bit of money every year (Mr Southall has timed these water heaters and found they were cycling every six mins) we have fitted time clocks on a few but what we saw in ecobuild did seem to suit the bill. we have agreed to trial a few in the next few months. we also know we have quite a few of the old type in place and i hope this alternative should see some decent savings

simple 3kw electronic instantaneous water heater. no standing losses or parasitic load

other things which took my eye included Vphase voltage optimisation (domestic) Owl Intuition on line monitoring (domestic) logic energy live monitoring and the really ingenious Strawtec building solution (compressed straw construction panel)…so much to see and so little time!

Overall its good to see everything moving forward as ever and i have a feeling that next years show will be bigger than ever once domestic RHi and Green Deal get into their stride

Anything to add? Please feel free to comment below if there are other areas of the draft reforms you’d like to clarify. And you can join the conversation with us about the National Trust being fit for the future on Twitter (@walesepa) using the #fit4future

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4 Responses to Ecobuild 2012 – what we saw and took our fancy!

  1. Mike Pepler says:

    I was there yesterday, and the domestic voltage optimisation caught my eye as well! Sounds like the water heaters would be very useful for you…

    • Keith Jones says:

      thanks for that. we have been looking at domestic voltage regulation for a while and they are a bit site specific and so we will trial a few and measure the differnce

  2. I hope the National Trust stand caught your eye too? We were there showing off the newly renovated stable yard at Morden Hall Park. Spoke to over 600 people over the 3 days. People seemed impressed to see NT there and excited by what we’ve done here.

    • Keith Jones says:

      yes we did see. passed a couple of times but you were very busy! 600 people…you must have been knackered! Patrick Begg has suggested i call in, which i will. am down south a few times in the next few months (i will be bring some water with me – we have plenty!) all the best. Keith

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