Plas Newydd energy cost saving – Devil is in the detail

As per the earlier blog on Plas Newydd and its financial/energy savings, we have been asked for the What/how and who?

As with all of the work that we have carried out it has been “fairly” systematic in the approach – starting with baselining, understanding whats happening, opportunities and prioritising. Then the doing, evaluating and monitoring.

In terms of actions and costs here is a breakdown of what has delivered the savings –

  • Initial site audit resulted in changes to setpoints and time control settings  = no cost.
  • Carbon Trust more detailed audit (pipe following)                                            = no cost.
  • Maintenance specification and boiler efficiency improvements                       = £1500.
  • Mansion insulation                                                                                                  = £7000.
  • “Smart metering” of oil and electricity on site                                                    = £3000.
  • Leasing of low energy hand dryers                                                                      = £4 per pw
  • LED lighting to none commercial areas                                                               = £1364.
  • LED “Pilot” in conservation areas (benefit not realised yet)                            = £3200.
  • Correct apportionment of heat, electricity charges (new meters allow this) = £0.
  • Property management, training and control                                                      = £0.

Overall, this has allowed us to understand our direct energy use, and therefore allows more control. We have moved away from the inaccuracies of deliveries.

For example: if you receive a delivery at the beginning of your year, or a final delivery just before the end of the year this would show a heavy increase in oil on your monitoring even though you have not in fact used that oil (its still in the oil tank).

All of the above is now brought together to allow us to correctly report against our Carbon reporting commitment.

It is not all good news, because of the monitoring Plas Newydd is showing an increase in electricity usage. This can be explained because the property is now opening  for 30% longer over a colder and darker period. But, because of the above approach we understand what is happening and why it is happening. We can therefore control.

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