Plas Newydd sees serious financial savings from efficiency work

Plas Newydd data over the last 3 years

As part of the work towards the ‘fit for the future’ conference both Paul and I are working on collating and extrapolating (sounds painful) some of the metering data to demonstrate what is the actual difference of the work the team in Wales have undertaken. The results of the work really hit home to us this afternoon when looking at the impact of the efficiency work at Plas Newydd especially to the properties ‘bottom line’

it makes for interesting reading – oil use in the last 3 years at Plas Newydd

128761 litres (2009)

53868 litres (2010)

47575 litres (2012)

The saving this year is probably down to a much milder winter. The overall electricity use is slightly up on last year but we were expecting this since the property is now open 364 days a year as opposed to just over 200

The wholesale price of heavy heating oil hit 71p per litre today. If we were using the same amount of oil as we did in 2009 we would now be paying £65,641 pa annum more. Here is the rub though. The overall budget compared to 2009 is not that different since oil was about 40 to 45 p per litre compared to todays 71p per litre. But we would be swallowing £65k more cost if we were still going ‘business as usual’! This is money which would be diverted from our conservation work and in the current climate such a hit could be catastrophic to a properties budget.

We also see a reduction in the thousands of kg of CO2 which is not on insignificant saving.

Makes for interesting reading – if we then extrapolate this across the 43% saving we are tracking this year in Wales we get to some scary numbers in terms of savings! This is without any of what Paul calls the ‘shiny stuff’ biomass, PV and all that.

Simple makes a difference

Plas Newydd in all of its glory

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One Response to Plas Newydd sees serious financial savings from efficiency work

  1. Patrick Begg says:

    This really is powerful stuff Keith. I’ll be really interested to see this for other properties (large and small) where the efficiency measures have been instaled.

    Just one other quick question: how much did it cost to do the efficiency measures (money and time) and what were they?


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