Penrhyn Castle 50kw PV performance – understanding shading impact

the audit team ready this morning!

We are in the understadning the systems stage across Wales with our PV and it has been interesting looking at the aspects impacting the performance . I was over in Penrhyn castle this morning with my audit team looking at each of the arrays performance. and it was interesting looking at each invertors log and the difference was startling the lower down the bank i went the more the small birch trees were impacting each array

four invertor log images taken this morning from the 4 arrays. all showing quite different readings

The young trees are only a few years old and we were always going to be turning them into a hedge but its interesting to see the impact they are having without leaves but also with the low tracking sun of March

The difference between the 4 arrays was 4, 13, 19% based on the highest most open array. Overall this would be worth about 112,000kwh over the 25 years. So I think we had better lay the hedge or it might turn out to be a very expensive bit of birch. Bit of advice – once you have your renewable energy system ‘keep an eye on it”!

Another nice day at Penrhyn

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