LED – Plas Newydd first full LED mansion in the National Trust.










In the immortal words of Hannibal from the A-Team “I love it when a plan comes together”.

Today saw the final LED replacement lamps fitted at Plas Newydd on Anglesey. This makes the property the first to have replaced the old inefficient lighting with LED lamps throughout every area of the mansion – a first in the National Trust.

This is the culmination of our efforts to develop a suitable conservation grade LED that meets our unique requirements.










Not everything has gone smoothly,with some production batch issues from the manufacturer. Some lamps failed when put in a real world situation – try working on a scaffold changing lamps in historic chandeliers without being very nervous and see how you get on. Huge thanks though must go to property staff (in particular David Ellender and Richard Williams) for persevering and letting Keith and I use the property as the pilot; and also to Iain MacIntosh from Heritage Lighting who has worked closely with us on the development, and has taken all of our unique challenges in his stride. Feedback on those lamps that failed has been passed on to the manufacturer so that they can be addressed.

We do now have a “fit for purpose” low energy lighting solution for our conservation showrooms.










Other properties across the National Trust are shortly to follow Plas Newydd, which has achieved amazing energy efficiency reductions over the last 18 months (42 percent) by doing the things we can all do at home – insulation, management and monitoring, getting the boilers serviced, and simply switching things off when not in use.

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One Response to LED – Plas Newydd first full LED mansion in the National Trust.

  1. excellent. I so want to go to visit her on my forthcoming trip to Wales (and look at the bulbs), but I’ll be in the area on a Friday and it is shut. sob sob.

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