Energy monitoring and engaging with the team and visitors – what is a Kwh worth?

Llanerchaeron energy generation display in the visitor building. this is linked to a heat meter on the solar thermal system

We have been looking lately at how to engage with property staff and visitors around the aspect of energy generation. Specifically translating a lot of Kwh, MW, CO2’s into something people can relate to. How much is a mega watt of energy? – is this a van load or a wheelbarrow load? We have been trailing various displays at Aberdulais, Llanerchaeron which translate large numbers into what they mean to you and me? Equivalents of e.g. car journeys worth of carbon, household annual use or just plain simple cash. The cash one seems to be the most engaging based on the presentations we have done. There is an apt saying in Welsh – ‘diwedd y gan yw y geiniog’ the spirit of the translation – at the end of the song it is still the money which counts. We are actively looking into this further but the benefit and message is probably site specific. Although we have been toying with the idea of a new unit of measurement for people to engage with which is the ‘mansion’ the new hydro on Snowdon will be generating 10 mansions worth of power – has a certain ring to it! (but how much does a mansion use, well that’s another story)

will having this form of display both at the visitor centre / office and on-line result in further energy-saving , manaing or generation sites more efficietly by having people owning theior system – time will tell?

the system could include which would include a league table type thing?

As we trial the engagement, display ideas and develop we will be of course blogging it

this is the type of thing we have been thinking of but do they actually make a difference or is simple techno bling which once seen is ignored?

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2 Responses to Energy monitoring and engaging with the team and visitors – what is a Kwh worth?

  1. Great blog Keith 🙂 The Environment Wales admin team have done a few things for climate week and we turned off our computers for 1 hour so that we could show how many CO2 emissions we produced before and after (see here: I think it does make a difference, just making people aware. Visuals are helpful.

    • Keith Jones says:

      i t can make a difference in the short term i am interested in seeing if it can over the longer term as i know people can pull their foot off the throttle once something else comes in. we have now saved over 43% in total energy use in the last 18 months its seeing how difficult it is to maintain. Maintain is seen as an unsexy word with a lot of people because you are not moving forward. time will tell. I am sure they will make a difference its the maintaining i am interested in

      all the best and thanks


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