Community hydro – Learning from others. Hydro site visit in Snowdonia

Garnedd hydro weir and coander screen. visit with the community groups

Spent this morning visiting the Garnedd Hydro operated by RWE near the village of Dolwyddelan in Snowdonia. At 600kwp it is about the size of the system being built we hope on Snowdon this summer. This though has a lower overall head (90m) but double the abstraction and uses a Turgo (Gilks) turbine where as a pelton is more suited to the hydro being developed by us. (horses for courses)

we also invited members from the Abergwyngregyn Regeneration Company (we are working in partnership with them on the 500kw Anafon community hydro) and a wider invitation to a few other community groups thinking of getting into hydro via the Community energy scheme (Ynni’r Fro) we had representatives from Dyfryn Nantlle and Conwy.

It was clear that the morning went down well – seeing is believing. What does a 5ookw + hydro system look like, sound like. It was a good forum for us all to share experiences and highlight opportunity. Have a feeling the phone will be ringing. For the NT team and the community members it was also a good chance to discuss operational aspects with the maintenance person responsible for the site in terms of what to get right at the design stage so that we don’t become victim of it later down the line.

Garnedd 600kw turgo turbine house

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