The power of data – PV and energy consumption

I have now started after a few weeks to get into the detail of the PV system i have installed at home. I  am afraid it’s getting a bit addictive and am reading meters every day at home. One day I must get my self a life. but in the mean time am working on Google docs which allows me to input data from the phone or where ever I can access wifi. the Blue area in the graph is my PV energy production and the red area is the metered and consumed energy. Looks like I am a net energy producer which was surprising for late Feb and early March. I will set up the system on the free which compares other systems. you simply input your data and it allows you to compare with others. Quite a few people now on it From the graph I am now scratching my head and trying to figure out how we used 9kwh today when it averages 4kwh use? (my house is LED’d to death) But lower PV generation also means that we will be pulling more in from the grid which is part of the explanation. this is part of the addiction – simple information allows me to manage and reduce!

Both Paul and i are now looking into how we can set the new National Trust PV systems on the PV output system or similar so that others can see how we are doing. I am a big fan of simple and free!

My power station at home

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3 Responses to The power of data – PV and energy consumption

  1. Glyn Hudson says:

    Hi Keith,

    Very nice, March is looking like a good month for solar PV already.

    You need to get some better monitoring! Check out the live data from a solar PV system we’re monitoring near Llanfrothen:

    Full details about the system here:

    Not at the commercial ‘work out of the box’ stage yet, requires assembly and a bit of tweaking to get going but still very functional; web-connected and wireless display units. We’re about to open an online shop open selling the hardware units. Working getting pre-assembled systems available later this year.

    Keep up the good work, it’s insperational what you, Paul and the NT are doing.

    All the best,

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