Big hydro and impact (well big for us)

Inverness today to view the Blackrock 3.5MW hydro being built. Building large hydros can be quite disruptive and use quite a lot of steel and concrete which can be a bit counterintuitive for a sustainable energy system. The reason for the visit is to see what ‘big engineering’ looks like for larger hydros. We are now looking at the next phase of hydro feasibility and need to understand what’s ahead of us as we have a couple of potential MW + systems to be considered.

Other hydro news. the Hafod y Llan 650kw hydro has gone in for full abstraction licence. The team is working on the phasing of the work and the work packages so that we can go out to tender.
Pre abstraction view on Afon y Cwm came back last week and on paper this 100kw system now looks viable based on the suggested abstraction regime. We are also organising a site visit to the RWE run Garnedd hydro with a few community groups to see what a 500kw hydro looks like in terms of scale. Seeing is believing and unless you have seen a 500kw system you don’t know what you committing too?


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