What does a commercial freezer and a toilet have in common at Powis Castle?

Answer – HEAT

Eureka heat harvesting system at NT Castle Drogo visitor centre. Pre heating the hot water for the building. Harvesting from the commercial fridges

One does not want it (kitchen freezers)and the other does (hot water for the toilets) . The kitchens have recently been overhauled and the new ventilation system and better segregation means no more air conditioning in the kitchen to try to deal with the over heating. The amount of waste heat generated by a commercial fridges and freezers is phenomenal and modern systems now move the heat outside of the building. The National Trust have been trailing freezer heat harvesting systems in a few of its newer visitor centres and these have proved to be successful.

At Powis Castle the fridge and freezers push out all of their heat near the toilet block. Sam the building surveyor has suggested that we could intercept this heat before we vent it and turn it into hot water for the toiler block. Having had a look at it last week i think this is in the ‘highly likely’ territory. Something like the Eureka heat harvesting system would be ideal for this situation. Now for the practicalities! This system takes the waste heat from the coolant pipes and circulates it in a hot water tank ready for utilisation somewhere else. The current tank is a rather wasteful immersion heated system. Lets get some monitoring in and see what we are dealing with! (PS will the new tank fit through the tinny hatch – we had to climb up a dumb-waiter hatch to get to the attic – oh the glamour of our jobs!

looking forlorn. The current hot water system for toilet block. coolant pipes for the freezers only 2m away. Made for harvesting...

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