Lets see if the Swedish can help Plas Newydd

Plas Newydd dairy - lets see if we can move from electrical to log heating

Its the king of Sweden and his heavy ceramic stoves again ‘kakkelovn’.This time for the Plas Newydd’s main tea room in the old dairy. This is a listed building near the car park. Dairies were not designed to be heated but because of the change of use to a tea room and shop we are doing  so and by the use of  quite a few ceramic heaters  (7 x 2.5kw) These are using up a lot of power and costing a small fortune to run. Another aspect of the dairy is that it is at the limit of its power supply and so its either upgrading the power supply (and use more electricity) or changing the way we produce heat at the site. The success of the ceramic stove at Llanerchaeron (see previous blog) has made us think that this may be the solution to Plas Newydd… but we have a few more factors to conside here. the biggest aspect is that of the flue. There are old and quite ornate vent cowells on the building. They are positioned ideally for the stove to use a flue…but again. There are made of a tin alloy and we need to see if it can take the 150c, then we get into listed building consent, building regulations, health and safety. FUEL As mentioned in earlier blogs fuel is critical – supply, storage, moving it, cleaning , setting the stove up in the morning and so on. its a good idea we just need to make sure nobody becomes the victim of it

This is a ‘we might’ but makes sense at the moment and lets see which way the statutory consents, practicalities and aesthetics take us. As even watch this space

A flue or not a flue? That is the question.

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