PV12. job done!

Penrhyn Castle arrays - resplendent in the sunshine. Powering the castle

as of 2pm today the last of the large PV systems was commissioned. 24 days from the first blog

  • Over a kilometre of cabling
  • Over a thousand PV panels
  • Almost 300kwp installed
  • we now have 7 sites completed across Wales – Anglesey to Carmarthenshire and Welshpool to Aberaeron
  • Oh and we must not forget 1 newt hibernacula

but i am afraid this is not the end.  – we now get into export metering, energy supply contracts, hand over training , maintenance, insurance, FIT registration and reporting, business rates, tree planing, monitoring, smart meters, finishing off… devils in the detail as ever but its nice to see something on the ground. Paul and I were in Penrhyn today and in the few hours the system has been on it has produced 85kwh (oh the raw power!)

We now have to look at what we learnt – good and not so good. how do we share this internally and externally to the NT? The team in Wales and the various contractors we have worked with have ‘pulled a blinder’ in terms of cost, quality and time.

Almost 2 tonnes of cable installed at Plas Newydd. Archaeologically... 4 tent pegs and a napped piece of flint found during the install. (but you never know!)

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