What’s under the Menai Straits? Marine Source heat pump

The multi beam image produced of the seabed near Plas Newydd

This is the kind of thing the multi beam data collected by the Seacams project can produce – see previous blog (University of Bangor School of Oceanographic science) can produce. How deep, how far, how wide, where can we…? sort of stuff. The data is incredibly detailed and gives an insight into what we are working with in terms of available area for a possible marine heat collector. The intention is to use the collector to feed the heat pumps for the mansion. We have also received the test pipe sections to place in the Straits to monitor if anything will grow on the pipe and also what impact if any this could have on the efficiency.It’s all go!

The National Trust have also been asked to present on the marine Source Heat pump in the up coming ‘Power of the sea conference’ hosted by the Seacams project. The sea and its energy potential what with, wave tidal wind is a growing and interesting area of research


test pipe sections – these will be placed in the sea to see what grows on them?
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