PV10 Powis castle – progressing thick and fast

40kw system in the field next to the nursery. Tucked in along the hedge. D Swanton

Looks like we will be done and dusted before the 3rd of March deadline for the PV’s. Powis castle system is now in. This 50kw or to be more accurate a 40 and a 10kw system will be feeding its power to the plant nursery and Lady violets tea room in the castle garden. With this final addition it will turn the nursery from an almost £6000 a year energy hole  into a net energy exporter. The nursery also has a new state of the art ground source heat pump feeding all of the Green houses. we will still need to re-evaluate the height of the field panels to see if we are all comfortable with their height in relation to the field and hedge. They can’t be seen from the castle or the internationally renowned gardens but it is still a question of appropriateness and proportion. (we have room to play as they say)

10kw system being installed in the plant nursery area - Image D swanton

10kw system being installed in the nursery area near the green houses. D Swanton

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