PV9 Cwrt PV. Cow shed

Scaffold up and system being installed at Cwrt - Image Paul Lewis

Paul and i were having a chat this afternoon about the location of the inverters for the 41kwp Pv being installed on Gareth’s cow shed at Cwrt farm on the tip of the Llyn Peninsula near Aberdaron. This system is one of the private wire systems to supply the NT office and nearby tenants. The project is moving swiftly and this is one of the two ‘building mounted’ systems with the remaining ones being ground mounted. One of the conditions of the planning permission for this site was that we should paint the frames a dark grey. This is impractical in terms of durability and cost since we would need somebody on the roof every few years repainting . To answer this condition we have opted for anodizing the frames to the required colour. It has resulted in quite a few thousand pounds being added to the capital cost but in terms of long-term management and costs this is well worth it. It will be interesting to see the roof completed with a mono colour array

Back to the inverters. Paul and i wondered how high a cow could poo! and would this be a risk? (think we have too much time on our hands and quite active imaginations) but even as a perceived risk and we have opted for enclosing the inverters and switch gear in a cabinet. Better safe than sorry! Now think about your day and has this sort of thing crossed your mind!?

3 phase inverters - I think they are out of the 'contact zone'! Image Paul Lewis

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