3. Fit for the future conference – Llanerchaeron

Third instalment of the pre conference background information.

There are three sites visits organised on day two and one of which is to the estate of Llanerchaeron near Aberaeron. We could extol the virtues of the John Nash designed house and the fantastic range of agricultural buildings. My personal favorite is the herringbone river stone cobbles found throughout the estate but that is another story. In terms of energy Llanerchaeron from its inception was designed to be self-sufficient and this is what the NT is striving to get back to. The small estate now boasts more technology and energy-efficient aspects than you can shake the proverbial at. snap shot

2 x windhager biomass boilers, 3 x solar thermal, C02 ASHP, ASHP, water wheel hydro, 40kw field mounted PV, 7.5kw Barn PV, Smart metering, LED lighting, tile stove…

In the process of fitting secondary glazing and a voltage regulator

Then we get to all of the food grown and sold through the shop and tea room – pigs, Welsh black cattle, sheep, productive walled garden…i think you get the picture. The aspect i find fascinating about this estate is the way the ultra modern renewables work with the historic fabric. appropriateness, location and carefull mitigation being the main drivers.

Oh and the cacen pwdin and cawl are to die for (either find out for your self by visiting or translate from the Welsh!)

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