LED still learning, still adjusting

How many people to change a light bulb?

Paul and I spent the day installing the new heritage LED bulbs in the conservation zones at Plas Newydd.  (the conservation zone is the equivalent of the museum side of the mansion) We have all been asked as advisor’s / consultants and business support teams to volunteer at properties for a few days a year. As much to support the properties (it’s what we are about) but also to learn and discuss with the people at the coal face. Paul and I as the environmental team decided to ‘do’ what we have been advising and this came down to changing to low energy conservation bulbs at Plas Newydd.  It was a day of scaffolding and really tall ladders. The new LED bulbs look really effective on the chandeliers. But unfortunately on the wall sconce’s the new bulbs did not fit. there was also a bit of improvement needed on the larger 4w bulbs. The company who wholesale the bulbs were on site very quickly and are working on an adjustment and improvement which will be delivered to site in the next three weeks. Now that is what I call service! looking forward to moving from 25w to 3w in most of the mansion but also the longevity aspect with LED means less frequent call on really really tall ladders. The LED work has highlighted the fact that the National Trust needs to be exacting in its asks of suppliers but also to work with people who aspire to the same ends. Mansions are unique and quite often so are their services and bulb holders!

The music room at Plas Newydd is rather tall!

I like chandeliers but working on them is nerve-racking. ‘Only fools and horses’ has a lot to answer for!

Whistler room - quite a few bulbs needed

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