Apple crumble and a tile stove

wonder stove

Yesterday spent the day with colleagues in Llanerchaeron. Both discussing the way we work in Wales on the environmental aspects but also looking at the approaches and technologies installed. The one piece of technology which won the greatest praise of the day was the large tile stove / kachelofen. Especially in terms of its simplicity, efficiency and general air of quality but more so because no other piece of renewable energy system could produce an apple crumble! (no debate please)

this is what i call renewable technology - Nick and the crumble

Since I blogged about the stove it has interestingly also received the greatest number of searches from Google on my blog. There is either a shortage of information out there or there is a hunger for these very clever yet simple beasts. In terms of use the victim of the good idea was Nick the franchise catering manager at Llanechaeron. He is also its greatest supporter. The stove is easy to light and maintain, ‘four logs gives me 10 hours of heat’. It is a beast of a thing but simple and effective. I think it’s a big thumbs up. Now looking for other visitor centres as these things seem to have been made for something like this type of use. They are not cheap at over £5000 (depends on what you need) but are miserly in the amount of wood they go through . Hats off to Carl John Cronstedt (have a look at the link)

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3 Responses to Apple crumble and a tile stove

  1. Patrick Begg says:

    Spot on Keith! I was metaphorically (and literally – such a generous, chewable heat….) hugging the stove as we stood in the tea room. All visitor centres and cafe should have one. I hope our catering chums can visit and see it first hand: there’s nothing better for drawing a hungry crowd than a blanket of stove heat and the most fantastic lamb broth….

    Patrick Begg
    Rural Enterprise Director

  2. Hello to Keith and to all who are concerned.

    My name is Richard Graham and I am employed by the company (Beacon Stoves) who installed this stove. I was lucky enough to be on the team responsible for this installation and I’m very happy to see that it is being used and enjoyed by every one. It was very good fun putting this beast together infront of an audience and we met some right characters in the process (Nick being the most memorable). In regards to more information, there is more avaliable on our website ( ). On this site we have in depth information as to the construction and running of these wonderful stoves. There will be an installation thread on the website within the next few days. As we are currently re building our website. All are welcome to give us a call on 01559 371 058 if you need any more information.


    Richard Graham

    Tile stove information (

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