2. Fit for the future conference – Craflwyn and Hafod y Llan

Craflwyn Hall

Second feature on the up coming Fit for the Future conference. The second day we have  a few site visits. One of these is to my old stomping ground. Craflwyn and Hafod y Llan in Snowdonia. I could talk about the beauty, nature culture, heritage, legends and so on for 10 to 20 blogs without breaking into a sweat but i will stick to energy.

Craflwyn  is a small 80 acre estate with a Victorian gentlemen’s residence in the middle of it. Craflwyn is the engine for the much large National Trust Snowdonia property. At almost 60,000 acres the Snowdonia property is one of the largest properties in the NT. Craflwyn is a mix of offices, workshops, meeting rooms and a small country house. In terms of technology this is probably the site i cut my teeth on. The site has … solar thermal, ground source heat pump, CO2 ASHP, Okofen district heating biomass boiler, Solex LPG boiler, peco hydro and so on. It was also the first to operate an environmental management system in the NT . The site is now quite advanced on the planning for a 100kw hydro . Oh and watch out for the Yurts and Dragons!

Looking back at Yr Aran from Cwm Llan on Snowdon

Hafod y Llan on the southern flanks of Snowdon is the largest National Trust in hand farm. The mountain farm covers 4000 acres and stretches to the summit of Snowdon. Those of you who have been following the blog will also know that it is the site where we are developing the 650kw hydro. We already have planning permission for a 15kw hydro (on the site of the original 1892 Sir Edward Watkin Hydro – see previous blog). This organic farm also has a small biomass system (with PLENTY of lessons to share)

I will be with the group visiting this area and Paul on the Llanerchaeron visit.

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