PV8 Penrhyn Castle – panels are on

Penrhyn panels on - Inverter cabinets mounted on the back of the frame

Things have been going great guns with the PV. Both Paul and I have been away for a week on an AMP ‘project management course’ in Leeds. Meanwhile the PV’s have been going in. Few minor challenges in the past week

  • The ram piler develop an electrical fault in Dinefwr (on the last 6 piles) but this has been sorted
  • Whilst digging the trench for the Plas Newydd cable (from the mansion to the PV) the contractor hit quite a bit of rock. Contractor used a pecker to work through the rock
  • Powis PV frame might need revisiting after we have finished. Although as per spec’ and approved I think we might have to reduce the height. ‘Appropriateness is the eye of the beholder’ and not necessary on the CAD drawing. Lets see and be willing to learn and adapt if needed!
The next week is a bit full on (again) Monday we get assessed for the Ashden award in Llanerchareron. Tue we change all the conservation bulbs in Plas Newydd for LED’s (this will be the first whole mansion we have completed) , Wed Snowdon hydro project meeting … and it goes on. (but all exciting stuff!)

The receiver of PV power - Penrhyn castle (snowdrops out today)

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