1. Fit for the future conference – Castle Howard

Castle Howard - stunning mansion

Leading up to the Fit for the future conference on April the 3rd to the 5th I will be blogging on a few of the highlights of the 3 days. The first of these is the presentational about Castle Howard in the Hawardian Hills inYorkshire. I wont mention its superstar characters of the house as a film icon or the fact that its a stunning house and estate. But the fact that its also an energy ground breaker and inspirational site.

I visited the house and spent the day with the Rt Hon Simon Howard and his dedicated team and it proved to be a real eye opener in terms of the integrated conservation planning but also on the sustainability aspects specifically on what you can do with energy in what Paul calls’a big lumpy job’ to the rest of us a large mansion. The use of wool insulation, energy management but specifically the use of a set of large heat pumps to replace an oil fired system was the inspiration to get us in the NT to think about the possibility of a marine source heat pump. Yes using the sea is the next step but seeing is believing as they say. The use of low grade heat (55c from a heat pump as opposed to 80c from an oil based system) did work in the right place. (not always straight forward) then we get to the shared aspect of the new LED bulb but this will saved for the conference

Dimplex 120kw heat pump x 2

This is but a simple introduction to what I’m sure will show what is possible in a very large and special place. As I mentioned earlier if it can be done in places like this and make business sense I don’t think the rest of us have an excuse to look at what we do with our own places. But it’s the right thing in the right place and not everything everywhere.

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