PV7 “Can you guess what it is?” R. Harris

Go on, have a go?

Now that we are ‘living the dream’ as my colleague Mr Southall would say in the doing bit, we are working with quite a few individuals and not necessarily human. The image above is of a Hibernacula. There you now feel better!

And Hibernacula is…?

If nothing else I have learnt quite a few things in this project and the needs, wants and desired of Newts is one of them. As part of the risk management and mitigation planning for the project one of the sites in NE Wales was identified as a possible area where Great Crested Newt hang out. Although locally abundant they are nationally and internationally very rare and we have to do all that we can to ensure that we cause as little disturbance as possible

In this context a Hibernacula = Newt gaff. The hibernacula was constructed by Newt ecological contractors, they have undertaken surveys, mitigation planning and trained the on site contractors on what to look out for.

If we are here to be sustainable then its sustainability across the piste. In a hierarchy of importance Newts are head and shoulders above our PV.

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