PV6 – show me the money

I'm glad I bought these when the price was higher for my own home!

It’s the question I get asked the most ‘how much did it cost’? As in the PV and kit. But as ever the answer is not a simple one.

The kit itself – frame, panels, inverter and associated bit comes in at a very economical sub £1600 per Kw. but even in this simple figure lies a world of options, compromise and complications. How efficient a panel, how robust an inverter, what sort of frame and how much of it? can you buy it in one lump (140kwp of PV panels fills a container and so cheaper!)  Does the panel come from a company taking part in the PV cycle system? But the cost differential to the quote of £2600 per Kwp we received six months ago is dramatic. Both component prices and instillation prices have plummeted

We then get on to the additional elements and they are not insignificant. Landscape architect, planning permission, warranties, design, newt specialist, bat survey, tree specialist, botanist, CDM work, fencing contractor, hire of several forklifts, G59 connection, distribution, export metering, quite a few pounds on the mitigation planting, site preparation and the small mater of almost a kilometre of large cable to join the array to the mansions. Legal fees, archaeologists (yes that’s right more than one) for the watching brief during the cable digging and finally a chocolate muffin for the nice building surveyor who helped us out. Because this was our first foray into medium scale PV we have taken the precautionary principal and having leant from the exercise I am sure we could reduce the add on costs significantly. But it was a learning exercise and that we certainly have

Plas Newydd frames - 6 months ago piling for these was double the cost

All in all we are looking at about £2200 per kwp which is not bad thinking it was double that just over a year ago. Yes we can negotiate when buying 300kw but this is why we bundled everything together. (as communities could and venture capitalists have!)Interestingly we now have companies quoting £1200 per Kw on large scale (all in including design and planning) Lets see how low it will go!

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One Response to PV6 – show me the money

  1. Sarah Staniforth says:

    Keith……. I’m really enjoying reading about your rapid progress with the PV installation. I look forward to seeing how they look on the ground. Also to the Fit for the Future conference in April. Keep up the great work! Sarah

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