PV5 – Castle PV systems going in

Three of the four PV arrays in the car park at Penrhyn Castle

Visited site number 3 this morning. Penrhyn Castle frames now up and ready for panel installation on Monday. Powis castle piles installed for the frames yesterday. Dinefwr piling today. There is a lot to say about a standardised approach for installation but accepting the odd boulder strewn site such as part of Penrhyn. I have to say Prescient Power are pulling all the stops out to get this little lot in on time.

this is made-up ground and so we hit a lot of boulders. A few of the piles bent like bananas

The 50kw PV in the Penrhyn car park works well aesthetically. It can’t be seen from the grade 1 listed castle but will be contributing 25% of the sites electricity needs. The castle has already been subject to an LED overhaul and installation of a much-needed voltage regulator (shift from 265v to 220v – lowering the sites energy use by over 15%). The data from the on site smart meters shows that the castle will consume 100% of the generated power. (when the sun is out, so are the visitors and the castle uses a lot of electricity – in terms of energy use – visitors and PV generation; perfect match)

Penrhyn Castle

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