PV 4 – Plas Newydd Panels on

Final few panels going in at Plas Newydd

Called in at Plas Newydd yesterday morning and the final panels were being fitted. The 200 panels were all on by mid morning. Now for stinging them together, inverters and then connect the main cable. Penrhyn piling has had to stop and the final few posts will need to be concreted in because of a lot of rock. 10% of the piles were damaged and so it made sense to do the last few the old fashioned way!

ready for the 700m of trenching for the PV cable - archaeologist standing by in case we find anything

Powis castle was piled yesterday and they should be in Dinefwr Park today. scaffolding is up and ready at Cwrt farm. So all in all everything is steaming ahead. We should have our 300kw in and ready by the end of the month.

The Government have just published their fit consultation. No real surprises with non PV. Well there actually is because mid scale hydro has been left alone which is really good news for the hydros we have on the go. The small cuts in everything else is almost as predicted in the spending review. Then we get to the proposals for PV and the Gov are committing to 22Gw of installation by 2020 (so far about 1 GW has been installed in the UK) but the manner in which they are projecting to cut PV in the next 10 months is not going to make it easy. I am advising our team to park any additional PV for now and see what the market does and where the Gov end up with in their draft FIT proposals… it’s never boring in the world of FIT!

Amazing what has happened in a week!

Plas Newydd PV from the fixed point again

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