Seismic survey of the Menai Straits for the marine source heat pump

Plas Newydd from the Macoma. Surveying the wet stuff in front of the mansion. Pic. M Roberts.

Never thought i would be use the terms ‘seismic survey’ and ‘National Trust heating systems’ in the same sentence. Well looks like i am about to use it quite a bit . As highlighted in previous blogs we are looking into the possibility of installing one of the countries first large-scale closed loop marine source heat pump. there are plenty of examples of water based systems but we are talking of quite a different thing with the marine environment. The Menai possess quite a tidal race, the habitats, risks, construction,   FEPA, access, ownership and the size of vessels in the sea are all quite a bit different to a nice lake.

Plas Newydd with its potential heating source in front of it. Pic M Roberts

But the first thing we need in any feasibility is good data and to understand what we are dealing with. For the last few months we have undertaken quite a bit of thermal modelling with the assistance of the Carbon Trust of the house and its heating system. It’s now the turn for the wet bit. The School of Oceonagraphic Siences in Bangor under the SEACAMS project have been invaluable and have a whole battery of surveys to undertake in order that we have a detailed understanding of the environment we are dealing with. After gathering the data yesterday from the seismic survey they are now crunching the data to give us a very accurate picture of the sea bed and quite a bit deeper than that. This will help guide us as to the design of the heat collector. A lot more to come on this!

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