April 2012 National Conference – National Trust sharing and learning on energy

Gibson Mill PV - Fit for the future ?

‘Fit for the Future’ National Trust conference held at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth on April 3, 4, 5th. Focusing on sustainable energy and what the organisation has and is doing and planning

the whole intention of this series of blogs is to share our experiences – the good, bad and the funny. There has been a major focus around energy in the past 12 months accompanied by a few articles on waste and water. One of the greatest weaknesses of any large organisation when going full pelt on something is its ability to take stock, share its lessons and gain insight from others

Under the auspices of the National Trust Building Conservation Advisory Group we have decided to provoke, share, learn and plan around energy to see how  the National Trust, organisations and individuals who own, care or manage older buildings to be ‘fit for the future’ around energy needs and use.  There are so many myths, bad experiences, untruths around on what are coming to be called ‘difficult to treat buildings’. Namely older historic or vernacular buildings. We thought it was time to start addressing these held beliefs and share our experiences and gain from others. The conference is split into three days and we have quite a few examples, questions and seeing with our own eyes

for more information follow this link or have a look at the home page and select the ‘fit for the future’ tab at the top. Or. PS spaces are filling very quickly if your thinking of coming!

Please contact joanne.doick@nationaltrust.org.uk

on 01793 817 497 for more details.

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