PV 3 – Now we are ‘motoring’!

Frames almost complete. PV in boxes ready for tomorrow morning

The mansion PV power stations are shifting gear in terms of instillation. Day three and the main frame and mountings are almost complete at Plas Newydd. The PV panels are being fitted tomorrow. The contractors have started on the 700m cable link from the mansion to the array. We should be up and running in about a week. It is interesting to see that the component prices are falling on PV but the area of greatest cost reduction i feel is in the installation as experience, speed and systems improve in the UK.

Fixed point photography in the old rugby field - will be interesting to bring them together at the end

Penrhyn castle PV now full steam ahead in the sheltered car park. I was there this afternoon and the ram piler was 3/4 through the job. They should have finished by tomorrow morning. The lads have been hitting the odd huge boulder during the installation. This is made-up ground and I suppose its to be expected. the weather also looks good for the next few weeks with this cold front, it’s looking good. Heard today that one of the smaller sites has been refused planning permission. The planners did not agree with our positioning. But it was one of the smaller systems. We must now assess what can be done if anything before the 31st of March is upon us

Penrhyn castle car park - ram piling almost completed

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