PV 1 – first day

Here we go - first 50kw site started

Well its day one and here we go. The first of 8 sites was Plas Newydd 50kw this morning The guy’s working to the contract company Prescient Power were in Ram Piling. Slight hitch first thing with the CAT scanner showing an unexpected underground cable with a live feed. A little bit of digging later showed a cast iron pipe running the length of the first array. Carefull placing of the piles and a bit of tree pruning to get the ram piler in place and we were away. The team normally pile 200 uprights a day but of course we have stony ground which should slow progress a bit. The lads doing the piling said they are fully committed until the 3rd of March. The governments appeal to the supreme court does not seem to have caused too much uncertainiy in the piling world!

Slow going – Stony ground and a Ram Piler

Why ram pile? Speed, Less ground disturbance , reversibility. Finishing in Plas Newydd on Monday and then on to Penrhyn castle. The next three weeks will see 300kw of PV installed

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