private wire / micro grid – Adding value. PV 2

the 50kw PV power station roof - going in the next 2 weeks

There is a lot of generation capacity being installed by us at the moment and a fair percentage of this is going to export (35% give or take). But the clever thing with generated energy is not to export but to use on site (effectively and efficiently) both in terms of income (3 to 5p per kwh export vs 9 to 12p per kwh import) but also in terms of carbon saving based on-line losses and inefficient grid.

We are currently investigating and piloting something called private wire or in other words having our own micro grid to supply near by properties with electricity. This will be based around our own distributing system along our own cables to tenants and these will include domestic and businesses. These buildings are fairly close to the generation sites. Seems simply technically and makes sense. We are currently costing up the additional cabling, sub-metering and distribution system.

The intention is to supply a mix of on site generated electricity supplemented with grid electricity. The advantages to the NT is that we gain a better return for the generated energy because we use it on site rather than export, we supply green electricity and provide another service to some of our tenants. Advantage to our tenant: substantial reduction in their electricity bill and receive green electricity
We are looking at the logistics and practicality of supplying the grid bought electricity at cost ( we have quite a bit of buying power to get a much reduced price for tenants) the on-site generated power will also supplied at the same price. Simpler for billing and a substantial reduction for the tenant

As ever the devils in the detail
We need to ensure the tenant still retains the right to change suppliers and so we leave the existing cables and meters in place which currently supplies them. We can simply re-energize them with the DNO.
What if the main grid drops who is liable in terms of losses and business continuity and all manner of contractual implications. This is what is currently being investigated.

Example of a working doc. Cwrt farm on the Llyn. lets see if we can make the private wire work!. Linked to a 50kw PV

We have a coupe of sites currently undergoing this investigation. One on the Llyn which is simply a large PV. Whilst the one in Snowdonia is a mix of PV and multiple micro hydros. We hope to be installing the first distribution system in the next few weeks. As ever more to come

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