Homework – PV

Well my PV is finally going in at home. Been living the dream at work with PV, it looks I have been taking my work home with me. I have now installed a 4kw Sharp 245w panelled system with SMA inverter in the back garden. Why not on the house?
Few aspects

My house is SW facing and i could loose 5 to 10% generation
I have an old house and the slates probably need re-fixing in the next few years and so putting on a PV might be problematic to maintain the roof.
We have a large garden with an open aspect and so it seemed the ideal option rather than the roof
Finally the pitch I would have used on the house is the principal elevation and on simple aesthetics, 34m2 of  PV would have rather dominated the house

Off today to Cwrt on Penllyn to finalise the details on the 200 panel shed PV system. This is another blog


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2 Responses to Homework – PV

  1. Garry says:

    Wood make a great woodstore as well keith 🙂

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