Hydro awareness in good hydro weather!


Good hydro weather - did not wait around here for long as the rain was bouncing off the floor

Today saw number 24 walk up the hydro on Snowdon. Overall we are now into some of the detail design and looking at potential suppliers whilst we wait for some of the statutory consents. But a key part of any project is awareness raising and quite often the people closest to the project but not in directly involved are often missed. You can assume they know more than they do.
We decided to take the wider team up the mountain today because quite often they will be pulled into the project through being asked questions and also to support or in their operational role or simply they might have to take over some of the management when the hydro is completed. It is also very healthy to have a new pair of eyes looking at the project and to make you re-look at the options before you commit…an if am to get wet walking up the mountain i like to share the experience with as many colleagues as possible!

Paul ran a post occupancy survey of all of our renewables a few years ago and the number one bit of feedback was all-inclusive  ‘involvement’ at the design  and before implementation stages in order that people understand what we are getting into. Or as we found they can often become the victim of the good idea and can be left with something they don’t understand.

So far 24 days up the mountain – 4 days of heavy rain and 2 of snow – quite a good percentage all in all.

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